Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Blood Pit

it don't get better than this Pete, Sion & James Wanaka NZ.

blood pit roll in.

Pete in d pit.

as always assholes like throwing bottles in d blood pit, good sweepin Pete.

yeah bring back d vert oh yeah.

i stumbled upon these snaps in my computer i think Greg Barnes took'em last summer while on a roady around the south island. The mornington bowl up the top of high street (good steep road ta bomb) Dunedin if ya woundering where it is, the blood pit to the locals, there's also a cool old snake run ,spine , pyramid & a couple of rails , an i've only ever seen one person shredding this place an that was an easy 10 years ago Clinton Smith & man can he ride 13 foot airs (length ways) tailwhips,no foot cans,540's, massive fakies all over ten feet!! an on a GT race frame !! respect ta ya Clinton as you the man that inspired me big time !!! Where is that boy these day's??? Mosgiel in think i need ta look him up next time in Dunedin, an give him me old Pantera & get him back into shredding once again!!!! i'll try find some old photo's
Cheer ta the Daggers (local sk8 crew) for the mean paint job big up's Nigel Roberts !!! an dam i remeber Dave Johnson's psyhco cycle day he put on back in the 90's an Sarge sk8'n the pit in bare feet !! Check out SHOOSH CYCLES if ya in Dunedin or ya need ta get sumpin fixed on ya ride!!!!

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