Friday, June 27, 2008

REBELYELL BMX MAGAZINE is soo good man !!

The COVER - Rick Hayward - tuck nohander fakie tree ride

INSIDE- Sion Rodgers - 180 wheelchair ramp rail hop - Melborne

MMMM DIRT - Daniel Donges -big ol tuck boost @ the Cam Jam - Canberra

The new REBELYELL is out & it's a photo issue, i got flowed a copy from Sion & Jess cheers Ratties ha ha !!! After haggin out in Wanaka for over a year Sion got back on the streets (not much street in wee ol wanaka) an has a nice shot in the mag beastin it on the mean Melborne streets ( for the record Sion & Daniel's photos on this blog are me takin photos of the mag i hav, so there not as clear as the real shot in d mag, so get a copy NOW an you'll be well impressed on just how crisp these photos are).

This mag is full of all the goods ya want ta see in a BMX mag, boys shredding, big glossy pages, amazing photo's, no politic's, a bit a quality reading & bugger all ad's !!! the best BMX mag ever, Chris Polack photographer/editor still uses medium format, chris's shotz are soo crisp they capture all the action & god dam this man has skillz!! RESPECT !!!
lets not forget it's a Melbourne based mag & full of shredders from all over down under !!! There's a mean as shot of NZ's Tim Hales boostin it over a dam high fence out of a banked ditch (i try'd load'n the photo Chris sent me but i just would'nt let me, i'll sort soon )!!! REBEYELL is avalible in NZ thru revolutionnz an only $10 plus postage, Christchurch's new BMX / SK8 shop & NZ's best online shop fa 20" goodies check them out
I can't wait but i'm gonna have to for the next issue , the troll aka Greg Barnes was sent ta the Red Bull dirt pipe ta write some words on about what he saw, it should be a good laugh!!! along with loads of mean photo's & a few good words aye!!
check out , Chris is still workin on the wed site, as REBELYELL bmx mag has been running for little over a year & 1/2 , an life's busy & travelin around shootin amazing photos mos defnatly takes up abit a time, but it's there an should be fully up an loaded with goodness by the end of july. SO CHECK IT OUT !!!!! no politics, no bullshit, all 20"

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