Tuesday, June 3, 2008

big thanks PA Woods premier & HUSH trails R.I.P

Rhysty- get'n sideways at HUSH (R.I.P)

A big thanks goes out to all that showed up to the PA Woods "save the woods" premier on saturday night, an those boys who did'nt show up, an knew about it SHAME !!! I drove over from Wanaka & they live local SHAME !! what's their excuse "oh i lost a shoe" what the ???? I want a digital projector & a big white screen!!! thanks heaps Jono & Matty @ revolver for help'in out an giving me a venue to show the vid oh yeah thanks fa the beers!!! it's good ta see that there are people living in Queenstown that care about there scene an support it,fundraising for the spots they like to ride !!!! Shit Dan Frew drove all the way up from d frew farm, top effort bro!!!!

Not alot was raised but hey every bit counts !!!!! An there's a few new faces around QT rockin d 20" steez, iT was sad to hear from a HUSH local that HUSH a real cool set of trails that were much loved by the bmx's who dug/built them in Canberra (oz) had been flattened !!! I hope it does'nt stop the local diggers from finding a new spot an staring over again, good luck boys !!! RESPECT !! if ya wana kno more about HUSH check out http://www.backbonebmx.com/

Bently- white knuckles @ HUSH (R.I.P) A.C.T.

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