Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spring is in the air...

as autunm kicks on the north side of earth. summer will be in full swing in a few months down under on the Dirty South Island of NZ yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Sweet catty action with a flat head & a few local catty roasters roast'in it up! Vid by your's truly PA WOODS! Yup inspirational stuff man, time to really get on the dig buzz as it's the first day a spring today & it's soooo sunny here right now, but the dam wind is starting to blow as it always does around this time of the year. Fingers crossed tho it don't blow for 3-4 months hahaha! Dan & jamie started the little kids BMX track at lismore over the weekend just gone, the little dudes & dude'ettes will be all over it hopefuly with in a month, they'll be a local little open day thang also an if all goes well Plunket & Kahu Youth will be at it as it's all about the little dudes ie the future young bloods man!

Right the 1st LDP "Trails Jam" is going down on the Saturday 30th October 2010 @ Lismore, WANAKA! $15 entry gets ya a membership to LDP - Lismore Dirt Park, a LDP sticker for ya lid/bike plus entry in the jam OR $10 enters ya into the Jam. LDP stickers only come with membership to LDP! The jam will be open format 12-5pm, lots a prizes, no age groups & all bikes welcome NO DH tho hahha! all entry fee's go into the LDP fund ie to help pay for diggers, clay & upkeep of Lismore!...poster soon come!

an dam Nath & the Gorge crew in QT are busy at it dialing in the gorge for summer.....there's a new line get'in built to the left of the big line hell yeah. After chatting to Nath about it it's gonna be super fun man....get involved, dig trails & reap the rewards...ROAST'in SEASON IS ON IT'S WAY!

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