Tuesday, August 24, 2010

west + east = frang'in rad woods

fresh footy of the boys from Dialed 603 Trails, cheers for the tip off Jono such a rad place! An dam Chertsey is looking rad as always, check 'em out! Get into the woods, stack it up & reap what ya sow! Goodtimes & roastalicous frang'in yeeeeeeeeeeew!

on a local front me & a few boys from QT ie Nath G, Jared, John, Cam & a few more had a sweet roll on sunday just gone MOTO is not far of being dialed right in & the 2nd to last is RAD, hold all ya speed & roast the shit outa it, soooo fun. Even tho a few spots on MOTO are a little damp & slow we had a dam goodtime. I hope ya all good Jared, shaken but not deterd right! Sorry no pics, no time for 'em just riding hahah! Spring is in the air, all the trees are budding up & new live begins, i love this time a the year...lets just hope the spring winds stay the fuck away cos they suck big time! DIG TRAILS!

ps after 14 weeks a dealing with a court case to fight the charge of "disorderly behaviour likly to cause violence to start" I WON !!!!!! I fought the law & i WON!!! Lawers are stupid, cost to much & can't get shit right! I defended myself, saved $1000 a dollars & WON yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! F.T.P. t-shirts out soon! HA! So thank you to everyone who was behind my me thru this, i owe you all much love to you...you kno who you are, have a beer/spliff for me as i've gone straight edge no booze, weed...nothing just 100% DIRT in my veins!!!

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