Friday, April 15, 2011

in a land way down under....

yes this vid is good, enjoy. Thanks UNIT......on a far deeper than deep farm full a sheep & clay nestled deep with in the deep southern main land (south island) of NZ this recently went down, yup someone gave Kelly the mic, whoops. Kiwi shredder/beast/digger Paul "Lang(a banga)lands of Cambridge claimed another win, 2nd year in a row, Langas kills it hands down one of NZ's most consistent trail slayers for sure, dig on man! Motueka's Jake Prebble roasted in at 2nd (Go see Brad an build trails, russle a crew), Anthony Napolitan 3rd (Anthony was seen hanging out at the "Deep South Ice Cream" truck plenty) and Jed Mildon 4th.

With 2 lines to play on, the line full of hips was definitely sesh'd harder hard both days, while the 2nd line a run of big straight hits & a big ol dirt quarter pipe to finish on was not so seshed, big big floaters. The day before the farm jam was a beauty also & practice day, so with the only chore of erecting a massive Redbull tent for the Frew's, it left us with nothing better to do than chill & ride some. We had a sweet time, we didn't light any fires & camped out with everyone who'd turn't up early, so thanks to all who made it happen, more lines next year? Who knows, with all the space down on that farm i hope so!

Cheers to Dan & Brett Frew. And the rest of these boys all ripped it up at the Farm Jam Dane Searls, Dean, Cam Pianta, Anthony Napolitan, Paul Langlands, Jed Mildon, Jake Prebble, the Bolter Twins, Cam MaCall and more.

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