Sunday, April 3, 2011

gorgous autumn

Thanks to Big Chris 4 sending thru all these cold as autumn shots from d Gorge & Brewster Glacier. A big farwell goes out to Ian, psyched as on Chris draggin your ass up Mt. Brewster & it was good hanging with ya Wing Chung chilling self, all the best on ya travels dude, have a great summer back in d UK, happy digging in ya woods....dam it your going back to spring aaarrrhhh so biggie plenty a digs to do over winter here in NZ any way!

an here's the latest from Jems @ Compression, enjoy an get diggin this winter in the land way down under!

"Here is the Interlude part from the DVD body. It's certainly the most representative section of the "Compression spirit". Cheers to all the guys who helped out at filming (especially Stephane Lafitte for the "tarps animation clip") and thanks a lot to all the diggers! music: "G67" by Calibistrixe



Kag said...

Yo Trubmx :D
Can't believe the Autumn leaves at the Gorge already's only been a week since I left. Loving the pics and yeah Mt Brewster was an amazing mission. It was super good hanging with you guys, best time ever - thanks man...see ya next time

TRUBMX said...

anytime Ian, lifes only gonna better around here. Yup there's even a bunch a snow that's piled up over the last 2 nights up on the Mountains man, cold as....winters grip is getting tighter! Let me know your sites address dude, i'll link her up to trubmx. Enjoy the North Island.