Sunday, April 24, 2011

Compression' goodness

Here's more raddness from ler french fry'in trails roast'in Jem's, if ya don't have or didn't get yaself a copy of Compression....arn't ya just lucky that Jems keeps dropping sections from his sweet as dvd, here's what Jems has to say.

"hey guys here is (a bit late) the time to drop the Neighbourhood Belgium part on the web which has been filmed and put together by Had Picard, our mate @ SoulBMX mag. Hope you'll like it !!

On a local front we had a dam sweet as session at the Gorge on Friday just gone, believe it or not were still roast'in d Gorge, this time last year they were under tarps due to shitty wether & shut down for the season so we'vebeen treating every session we have latley like it's our last. All it'll take is one dam shitty weather front to shut 'em down for the season. Fingers crossed that winters cold wet frozen grip does not come for a bit yet. Big up's to Nath, Dingo, Lowell & Cam for a dam good friday roast up! I'll put some fresh autumn Gorge pic's up shortly until then, go ride trails like ya should yeeeeeeeeeeeow!

here be some lose footy of Florida's Casselberry trails get'in well slayed, enjoy!
check out Here for kicks & Wasted Youth, for insane trails antics & just plan old wild dudes getting loose!

Deco's Mat Olson Broke up the Colorado cold and stayed in a tent at the Casselberry Trails house for a week in Florida. This is part 1 of 3 edits coming out. Stay tuned.

Rolezinho com um churrasquinhooo, um i don't understand but this vid is pretty sweet they've sure got some nice dirt in South America man...gonna have to get down there one day, so many places to wanna get to PA 1st, Austin, France,UK.........few if only money grew on tree's aye HA!

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Anonymous said...

yeh dude! rolezinho com churrasquinho...means riding trails and making BBQ with friends...
thanks for posting things from Brazil!