Thursday, March 31, 2011

Compressional inspirational

if ya ain't got Compression yet, ya missing out man! Jems has been droppping sections from his sweet as dvd on the net now for a while, Compression came out with a sweet as trails issue of SOUL BMX, big up's to Ben for giving me a copy of it while he & the Lituel crew were in QT, apart for Ben's balls hanging out as he sunbathed at the Gorge on our picnic table, it was rad to meet them all & holy shit Ben, Alex & Phyphy's womenizing antics were sooo hilairious. If your in Paris hook up with them Pipeline trails dudes ie Liteul Crew an no doubt you'll be in for a treat & a crazy few nights hit'in up ler frenchie pub's & ler clubs on de hunt fer ler ladies undies? So here's the word from Jems "hey chaps pretty proud this week to introduce the "Provence" part from the DVD's deals about the southern east side of the french trails scene.

hope you'll like it!! Sad saad robot!!! Jems here's a bunch more sections from one hell of a rad french (little UK) trail scene!

if ya wana see more hit up Jems @ Compression BMX dig trails yo! ps 3 annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton"......November/December 2011 more info as it comes, acid cat lives on! Arrrhhhhhh!

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