Thursday, September 16, 2010

lucky 2 ride...

today 12:23pm it was snow'in some, oh how we wait to roast some more.
a few of the boys i'm living with now & me got lucky over the past week with some fine weather. Oh yeah we got to hang in the woods, dig a little & mostly ride our white pasty asses off some. Right now it's soooo dam shitty, weather wise. So the Gorge road crew in QT have started dailing their dubs in for summer roast'in, cheers for the pic's Lowell "DIG TIME" yeeeeeeeeew. I spoke with Al Heiny (fox shox, Troy Lee, commoncial, intense, foes) last night an he's in on the LDP dirt jams i'm running over summer to raise $$$ for more dirt/digger hire to buildnew lines next winter, shit winters not even over & were planning next winter already hahaha that's the trails life is guess, ya just can't stop yaself wanting more lines to roast.
Cheers heaps to Mike, Ollie, Jo & John Marc for putting me up over the past 4 weeks with out you guys i'd be sleep'in at Lismore in the hut, respect 2 u all! Cheers also go out to MIke, Ollie, Elmo & Kevin for bang'in off a few photo's. Oh an all you dudes getting the dirty video overload when ya log on to trubmx, just "PAUSE" the vids man hahahhahaha or do it like I.P. Man does it "kick some ass"...........right now tho all we can do is wait for this shitty weather to piss off! Get involved & DIG TRAILS!!!
ps enjoy the chessy captions you caption haters hahha!

I've got a new helmet an boy it's a beauty.

i think Ollie's stoked look at that face.

Jimmy braaaaup'in moto

Ollie gettin his ass out for the ladies.

Ollie boost'in like a.

an i thought one Monty was enough now there's 3 of him holy shit, lock up ya daughters fools.

don't forget to help the ladies out lads, we all love boobs so get those pink bits on ya bike, i've got mine!

desperate times in Austin, twisty blaz'in? Reign Green Cult will help you man hahhaha!

shirtless winter roast'in in Wanaka

Mike's into it & so's his girl Jo

Jo's been getting on Mike's ride & she's loving it, Jo even donated a nice patch a skin to lismore.

Here's a couple a pic's i took of Pete shred'in it some @ A-town....mean while Lowell takes a load off on his sweet new raw Deluxe tech sexy piece a 4130

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