Thursday, November 18, 2010

PENN STATE trail slayers!

Robbo in PA from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Robbo spent 2 weeks in the fall to enjoy the trail mecca.

tunes: The Swirlies - Tall Ships

by now most of ya would have watched/seen this radness of Robbo stylin it up in PA's finest woods religiously like i have been 4 the past few days! PSYCHED! Big up's to SEKT man, love ya work Doug sick vid yes yes & well Robbo's riding say's it all! SO INSPIRATIONAL MAN! BIG UP'S & RESPECT goes out to all of PA's finest trail loving diggers, expect more KIWI's in PA 2011, Caleb's hooked on PA, how could you not BE! I'm coming to visit the mother land of TRAILS! (i will bring beers, tools, more beers, 1 bmx & bourbon?) Vid happily poached of those loyal Backbone'in'diggin' rats! who poached it of MUTINY. More sweet trail slayin @ PAWOODS

Filmed and edited by Douglas Foulke @ Cacoon in PA.

Brian Wizmerski, Kyle Keck, Steve Eister, Meho Kasprzak, Adam Aloise, Keith Terra, Chris Stauffer has plenty to offer, DEAD MEMORY

tunes by "Good Old War"
"That's Some Dream". Sergent House Records

On the NZ trails front it looks like there's a trail scene on the rise in good 'ol Spank land ie hobbitton ie the shire ie Matamata hahaha (yes they filmed lord of the ringpiece there) dig on Ross & all you trail loving matamata youngbloods! were are yo big hairy feet at? hobbits! Ya gotta give youngbloods the credit they deserve, especially when their get'in it done! Stack it up & have fun lads!

matamata bmx track dirt jumps, boys sending it!

ENJOY TRAILS, DIG can't beat the feeling!

(coca cola piss off & stop buy'in up New Zealands water supply ie springs, hands off NEW ZEALAND)

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