Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sunny busy days

right oh sorry bout the lack of updates all, ridings more fun than the intrudernet thats for sure, sweet summer out door living, crazy times & busy busy busy. The date for the 1st LDP- "lismore dirt jam" is now the 27th november 2010, so lock that in dudes! Flyer out very soon! If your a local we need to have a few work bee's over the next 4 weeks just to re-lip some tranny's & have a dam good general tidy up. This Saturday 23rd Oct come down help out, ride 10am onward till dark, bring a broom if ya can. In the mean time check this out, we did bit off a photo shoot for Rebelyell's next book the "Trails Issue" hit this to see a few pic's all the bangers tho have been sent to chris tho hahaha an dam they look good! Camilla Stoddart is dam good with her camera oh yes.

And holy shit the Gorge is looking soooo sweet after a wet wild winter. I just got back from QT an had a good walk around The Gorge drooling like a dog on heat. No pic's HA! Big up's to the whole Queenstown/Gorge Road dirtfarming cartel you boys kno your shit! Respect! THE GORGE IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC JUST YET THO DO NOT RIDE! There's a chain up so ya can't jump the gun & sneak any rolls (it's not worth the risk if Nath catches ya lookout) so hold tight ya dirty trails junkies out there you'll kno when it's open for summer roast'in...soon come.

here's a rad site i seen up on deluxe the 9th street crew have been running for a bit, a new name i think & a classic vid have a nosey, look for "slap that lip" some inspiration man for you young bloods out there, watch, listen & get ya slap on! Ha the voice over is great hahaha arh arh trailpirates

get involved, dig trails & reap what ya sow!

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