Monday, December 14, 2009

Marley Keane bike check.....

Marley's sure psyched!

Kid's like Marley are the future of BMX, it's a pretty rad feel'in hang'in, diggin & riding with your son, i'm sure some of you know that feeling & some of ya will haha! It's priceless! What's more fun is dialing in their rides! Right now Marley's super psyched with his new set up. He'll be rock'in a fresh 16" shortly! Plus i'm building him up a dialed raw Campillo, cheers for that Mikey!

Frame: 12.25 Giant mx10"
Bars: T1 -mediums
Grips: Fly Bikes fino
Bar ends: McNeil Ti
Fork: gi-rectors
Stem & head set: chrome will get ya home!
Cranks: chrome chrome chrome 110mm
Pedals: yup
Sprocket: Fly Bikes 33, custom files to fit one piece cranks.
Chain: kmc
Seat/Post: giant combo
Hubs: more chrome
Rims: Chrome
Tyres: kenda comp 3 copies
Brake: coaster "so i can skid lots, dad"

here's what Marley's got to say "James (my dad) dialed my ride in some more with some real sweet T1 bars & Fly Bikes parts! Now my bmx feels like a real bmx oh yeah! Thanks heaps Guiri, Lowell & my dad for help'in me out!! Bmx rules!"

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