Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gorge Rd Jam

super Kane O'roasted

Lowell tabo'd it!

Flip'n' dog piss.

a Remarkable view home bound!

the fin berm jump thang is rad!

Gorge rd (Transfervania), Queenstown, New Zealand! One epic public jump park!

The Gorge welcomed us all back yesterday & no time was wasted watering, the rain took care of that, by lunch time it was a blue bird, the wind came an went & we were all hungry for some dirt, come 1pm we got some, everyone had a rad day roast'in, kids of all ages were styling it up! I got into the transfer game an had a few interesting moments, Nath was boost'in, Lowell's tabo's were sweet both ways, Cam thru a few clicked turndown's, I visited transfervania, Fu attacked a couple a raty kids who were tormenting him, Kane O'Hagan spun around mid flight while tailwhiping twice, 7'd the 2nd on the big line & the trains were epic! I only took a couple a pic's but facebook always provides Cheers to Jasmine Allen! I did get a little footy i'll get a wee vid up sometime soon. Greg was there shooting away so i'd expect to see some even doper shot's in a few days!

Cheers heaps to Nath & his loyal diggers for all the free air, Queenstown MTB club, Revolver for the tunes ( less eighties pop hits please hahha), QLDC & all the sponsors that gave the loot Nath so eagerly threw at all the kids (they were like vultures all over the free stuff), Stony Hills update soon come! Dig & roast 'em trails.

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