Tuesday, December 1, 2009

there here!

you know it!....do you really need more convincing that you Need this! Help Catty out!

i love rainy days when a load of the fresh'est most inspiring trail dvd's turn up in the mail! Fuck yeah Janis & big ups goes out to all the PA diggers who have helped over the years. RESPECT!...keep stackin it high, an ya'll always fly yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! This dvd is last in a long series of PA raddness so it's so sweet this dvd contains footage from all the PA WOODS vids, dope bonus section & 30 min of fresh roasting footy from the 09 summer & fall!! 10 years worth a roast'in & digging trails @ CATTY, POSH, NAM, MINERSVILLE, PIPELINE, Bobby Digits backyard & back to '99 (Stauffer footy!) So those who have paid for a copy it'll be in the post this arvo, an those who want a copy it's $20 so e-mail me with ya address: trubmx@yahoo.co.nz
If ya in the North Island e-mail Caleb (siligna woods) klibdayvisin@hotmail.com for a copy!

...very limited & selling fast! So don't miss out roasters!

OH yeah an on a LOCAL front there's gonna be welcome to trail slaying season @ THE GORGE ROAD TRAILS in QUEENSTOWN 12 december 2009!! 12pm it all kicks off, so get ya ass there, help raise funds for the gnarlyest public jump park on earth & blue groove it up! I'll be there with the remaining copies of the PA WOODS 10yr dvd (if i have any left by then) plus will be throw'in it up on the big screen @ Revolver Bar after the jam!!!

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