Tuesday, December 22, 2009

snakey's high speed frang'in!

Lil D give's Snakey the thumb's up!

400 meters behind my yard is Lismore, yup Wanaka's public jump park, Dan rebuilt the whole dam basin area, props to ya everyone's lov'in it & it's fun. I've been dailing in a nice traily old line that run's into the new stuff "Snakey" no peddling, chill as, 3 freshly dialed berms, roller, step down, roller, bombhole, big 'ol transfer'in tranny, nice 'ol step up rocket launcher & a small'ish step up to finish on.... oh boy it's a fun line! Free flights, fun as carv'in speedy radness to frang it out on! Ya Dig? Oh yeah have dam good merry dam christmas & a baterated loose new years everyone....see ya 2010! BOOM!!

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