Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Parisi showed my this sweet vid while he was here on the Sekt site, well nice Texan roast up! Look'in forward to get'in my hands on some a those do we get sekt in NZ? If any one kno's how hola!


Anonymous said...

pay money to sekt to send their goods or services. I think thats how it works.... Hilarious. This page rules man, big fan. Ride on.

TRUBMX said...

cheers dude, that makes perfect sense hahha, prob is either i'm stupid (I possibly could be) but on the sekt myspace page i can't see any way to pay or look at goods yo.......or do i have to join my space, to message sekt about goods, i need help, yup dumb ass indeed hahha! Dig trails & roast 'em up! Braauuup!

Anonymous said...

I be dumb too coz I googled that shite and got some sektclothing thing with strawberries on girls tanktops. Im totally locked outta the myface thing. Trails man, awww yeah.