Wednesday, December 9, 2009

woods & fungi.....the Flemish way where's all the smurf's at!

Mikey, condor'in flemish soil!

Mikey's hooked on NZ, tagged for life!.....commitment, ink by Tony @ dig a tatoo, dunedin.

Flemish woods in action!

new digs.

more new digs....

were the Flemish live, i see why ya like it here so much Mikey, the view's are better aye, loving the rainbow tho bro!

Mikey sent me thru a few pic's of his new trail spot in Belgium. He's way to busy work'in his ass off (saving to get back to NZ) & diggin to answer the trail's etiquette Q&A's.......actions speak louder than words, yes Mikey digs, yes Mikey has a shovel (ob V) yes Mikey shredsaton! Yes yes! It's winter in his woods so i guess by summer they'll be roast'in all those fungi ladden tranny's a heap! See ya next year dude! Keep diggin & stack it high mang!!! Dig trails! An wear the Mikey grin!

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