Monday, December 7, 2009

Hands Off NZ's National Parks!

click on the pic & sign up to help prevent & stop " mining in Mt. Aspiring National Park" - in fact any national park in NZ - if it starts with Aspiring what's the next area to mine on the list National have drawn up, National will go down i history for doing the most environmental damage to this country EVER if it all goes ahead, such beautiful priceless irreplaceable awe inspiring parts of New Zealand wilderness (some of these parks are even World Heritage listed) must not be raped/mined & destroyed for profit/short term profit at that, it will not help our economyone bit as all the profits from the mining will go offshore.....all "NZ's national parks" are under threat if "schedule 4" with in the "NZ mining act" is removed/altered to suit our government's greed/short sightedness. All conservation areas within our national parks are worth so much more left as they are, for all humans to enjoy with their eyes, ears, noses, feet & hands ie leave only foot prints behind!

GET INFORMED NOW!...think of the future generations to u really want to only be able to show ya kids & grandkids photos of what our national parks USED to look like? Hell NO! All gone like the pink & white terraces near Tarawera, but wait that was nature that destroyed them ie volcano........ this is man were talk'in about this time and we're supposed to be intelligent ie have a brain! We gotta preserve it ALL! Power to the people! Hit this link an print of the petition, get it signed & post it back to the Greens


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