Wednesday, December 16, 2009

you got soul & what's go'in down!

Jared Carter... can TABO!!!!!!!!!!!
Pic stolen from Backbone BMX....yup, psyched on dig'in trails!

If ya ain't heard of soul bmx mag, well ya have now! Issue #63 is out! It's dope, it's French & comes with a sweet free dvd (check teaser below!!). The last free dvd was good so no doubt the new one kicks ass too!! Ben from Soul will be here early next year on bit of a way down under NZ trip, he's pretty psyched on the trails down here, might be keen to get a few shots & run a sweet 'ol bunch a words on the NZ trail scene. Ben's mostly keen to just chill, ride trails & check out our amazing country side! Here's what a few local Wanaka kids are upto.

Check out kick ass if ya want find a copy or where to get it from in NZ! Also gotta say Big up's to Mark Noble @ deluxe, psyched your on board for the Stony Hills Trail Jam, we gona have to get that loot sorted soon, only 9ish weeks till the jam...were did the year go!.....dig trails & frang it out mang, Jared Carter loves bertha to see why check the dribble @ backbone bmx.... god dam insane! And don't forget all you shredders out their "THE MONTH OF MAYHEM" 2010, it all starts in Wanaka (NZ) on the 20th Feb with the 2nd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton"...Tim Hales (R.I.P's) wills always be rip'in & shredding it, from high above!

Big thanks & a merry 'ol christmass goes out to all the sponsors involved with all the jams during THE MONTH OF MAYHEM! Bring on the new year! Get those flights booked boys & see ya soon! where the hell did that fake ass Henry D imposter'in drive way tack'in fool go? You never did man up dude, yes you are a no body or maybe you just wised up in fear of bad karma, HA! What goes around comes around!

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