Wednesday, June 1, 2011

triple flippin Jed!

Jed having a few practice runs, can ya get any higher Jed? I bet ya can man! RESPECT!!

oh yeah it's dam rad to see Jed setting a new world record 1st man, so so dam RAD for BMX in NZ & the world & who would've thought a Kiwi would claim the trip flip, Jed's the perfect BMX ambassador for NZ! Were all super psyched for ya JED, big ups from all the diggers here @ the Gorge! We watched it on TV like so many Kiwi's would've & for the rest of ya out there, no doubt this shits gone viral on the net, it's expected!! Big ups also to Iona & the Air bag crew here's what they have to say!!

so what's next? more world records....quad flip whoaaaaa?

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