Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peter Langton must stay in NZ

PMP..........clay tranny heaven! The Westies have got it go'in ON!

I just got wind of PMP's Peter Langton & his drama threw Piggy aka Alan Cameron another loyal PMP digger & slayer of trails! Check out the link & support Peter on facewastecrackbook! Check out the 3 News vid to get the full story! (some add for a dance comes up 1st) Here's the article also! Peter deserves to stay in NZ, I've not had the pleasure of meeting Pete but have only heard loads of positive stuff about him! God dam it those of us here in NZ who DO DIG/BUILD TRAILS kno just how rare we lovers of stacking up clay & smashing trannys really are, yup there ain't many of us hella loyal & dedicated diggers in this country as it is were a rare fuck'in breed indeed!

Here's what Jed Mildon has to say "I have known Pete for 11 years now. Since a 13year old kid getting in to freestyle bmx. Since then Pete has nurtured and supported myself and other riders in this small Country with confidence, passion for this young sport and our young country, the possibilities and opportunitys I /we were about to encounter, and a greater appreciation for the life and its obscured obstacles along the road. Pete in the last 11 years has roofed, feed and been a very good friend to me. Myself and my loving caring family will miss Pete's graceful presence, and the riding community will take a step backwards with out the staunch passionate father of NZ bmx! Please NZ consider this kind man to be for ever a part if our strong community and see him for the strength he is to us"

Eliane's words "It will be a very sad day for the Auckland community if this happens. There are plenty of people in NZ that dont deserve to be there, Pete is a Selfless man who has made an impact on many lives. Having had the pleasure of having him part of my life, I know how much he loves NZ and all the amazing friends he calls family, and there are a lot. This would be terrible. LET PETE STAY!!!!!! Miss you buddy xxx

Ruz has a point "If Langton can front up with $10 million dollars and invest it in NZ then he could stay. That is apparently the going price for residency for those who would otherwise not qualify.

Mike Williams also has a good point "I've known Pete for 12 years and consider him to be one of my closest friends. I worked on the north shore jumps and started the jumps out west with him, aside from the whole riding thing I"ve seen Pete go through some amazing highs to the lowest of lows and stress of this type can change even the toughest soul. My partner and I had a premature baby born at 30 weeks, the 1st person I called was Pete and asked for help with our house, he took care of our animals kept the place tidy and made it look like there was always someone home. We were in and out of Waitakere hospital for six weeks and without his help this stressful time could have easily been worse. Crazy huh? someone who contributes to the community, has skills that are in demand, likes to work, isn't a vandal or a thief and honestly tries too be a good dude.... and how does the New Zealand government repay him? Why not deport some dole bludging wife beating so and so back to where they came from and let 1 good guy stay. Yes he's overstayed we cant deny that but can we deny him the chance of living here and becoming a kiwi? I honestly just don't get it. Who's to gain by deporting him?

Peter Langton must stay in NZ!!!! I don't think it matters were in the world you hail from if you dig, you can stay right? We would all like to see this digger stay on NZ soil! I'm sure if someone starts up a petition to lobby the capitalistic conservative asset selling National government running this not as green as they make it out to be country of ours ie 100% PURE NZ....I don't think that's truthful slogan for NZ at all! To be more specific the NZ Ministry of Immigration, Peter Langton could possibly get NZ residency, what a rad outcome that would be!



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