Friday, July 27, 2012

i'm back n hang'in to roast some trails

get yo DIG ON!!!!!

 goodtimes at Losemore...wanaka dubs roll'in not to bad, a lil rough in spots but better than nothing!
an nothing a good 'ol crew of boys can dail in again tomorrow cos its saturday trails day!!!!

 Walnut trails in the works, half way between the Gorge Rd(QT) & Losemore(Wanaka)

stay'in fit thru winter, yup stoked on diggin, when the dirt ain't frozen solid that is!

wanaka well early........small towns have madfolk in 'em WTF!!!! 

wee E & lil D kno what up!!! Raise 'em horns up!! that's my girls!
yup been awhile lots of crazy shit going on, buts thats life an we just gotta deal with the good n bad the best we can, right!!!!!! so i'm back on the blogg'in buzz got & ya just gotta get psyched as dig'n & roast'in trails again cos spring is kinda in the air......winter, well the snow has not even really come this year so all the snow bunnies are freak'in! no biggie when ya got new projects going on ie new private trails in the cardrona valley, which is if ya don't kno the dirty deep south of NZ is smack bang in the middle between the Gorge & lismore (queenstown & wanaka) nuff said....we can all still roast a lil here in wanaka @ lismore, yup we can stay sane

get diggin & get ready to life it up yet again in the summer time!
soooooo there's a lil catchin up to do with d global trails scene!!!!
ha! safe!!!


Anonymous said...

Yo bro its Alfreds here. Jumps are looking really good fun over at yours. I should call over some weekend for a fun times. But i still dont have a car to drive so would a bus take me down with bike? Not much happening here in QT. All jumps are still covered and no digging so im still on drinking big time. Take care mate and i got finally my phone going here is my number 0220637416. O yeah how can i get hold of that Nathan - satan guy? Fuck its time for another drink.

TRUBMX said...

yo i'll flic ya a txt dude you should try an come ova this sat have a roll n dig son! c ya soon bro!!