Friday, May 29, 2009

more rain'd out jam pic's!

We want your help! Louis slippery as fuck 1 handed chessy foot jam! Boom! photo: James Keane

Louis lov'in the curved wall! Photo: James Keane

Pete Cooper wit a Tabooo, safe! Photo: James Keane

Ben don't care 'bout d the rain, sketchy as tho! Photo: James Keane

20 inch! Lowell & Barry get'in creative! Photo: James Keane

this is risky put'in fruit boot'in on a BMX spot, foot grab x legged thang? This roller bladder was kill'in it! Untiy man fuck the politics...that's for the cocks & twats out there, grow up right! Wanaka's park is for all to have fun in! United we stand together we have alot to gain ie new extentions BOOM BOOM BOOM!

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