Saturday, May 16, 2009

inspiration, digs, chopped & jam...

not alot going on, except RAIN & inspiration, Epsom looks super fun, Vinyl have a new full length vid in the works, Backbone's vid "come out swingin" ain't far off & Anthem 2 film'in goes on, will the film'in ever stop when it's finaly released it's gona be sooo sick, a box set with A1 "Home of the Brave"! On the local front I just had knee surgery to clean out some annoying dam meniscus & cartilage, nicely tuned up for winter digs & next summer, while is was down d coast get'in chopped open i caught up with H & checked out the haps @ Stony Hills, H has been busy & this is only the begining of winter, lines are get'in worked on, dug in, lipped up, landings steepened & a few new lines have & will be going in, all the normal activity for a dope set of trails during the wet drizzly winter months! I'll hit ya wit a few decent pics sometime! Happy digg'in

my knee 11 years after ACL rebuilt (top right) this time remove a lil bita meniscus & trim some cartilage, i was giv'in it all in a little container.....what for i don't know, fry up, nope it's a bit chewy!

Don't 4 get Saturday 23rd May trubmx "build the park jam" part 2 @ Wanaka SK8/BMX Park 12pm $10 entry , prizes from the good felaz @ REBELYELL & VOLUCID , big shout outs to them......all the funds raised go towards the new extentions, simple, so get out there man & help ya scene! Stop whining like little bitches, pull finger, get shit sorted!

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