Saturday, July 2, 2011

days gone & daily digs...

Diggity twistin' by Chris Radford

Down Diggity

Closed means closed folks. It's diggin' season only @ The Gorge. Trust me when trails surrounded you as ya dig, you just can't but think about roastin' some. Go ride Lismore if your to lazy to DIG weekend warriors! Wanaka Jump Park is open, the 4 main lines ie small lines have been altered some, a new drain has been put in, the role in is now steeper. The Big line/moto ain't been touched since i left Wanaka 8 months ago, it's been run dry & hammered in places nothing some love won't fix ie a sweep, rake & patch up an it's ON! (hint hint Lismore users & expect more QT riders in ya area)........2 Dig? or Ride? DIG MAN, COME ON it's a no brain'er, if ya don't dig & keep shit dialed, ya just ain't thinking right!)

....mmmmmm coffee

This is sooo RAD! Make sure ya go big screen for this sweet footy of 3 legit, sound as kiwi lads George & Louis Bolter & Jayden Leeming tearing it up at the Gorge one fine day over summer, they were all so psyched on the place they roasted right thru into the darkness, if i had the chance i know i would if i ate more carrots! Redbull sure don't muck around when it comes to a sick edit! Big ups to Redbull for all their help at the Gorge were we all can fly, who said anything about wings man THE WHEEL is all ya need (& shovels, rakes, wheel barrow's etc etc i think you get it)

Well us lads on the tools @ The Gorge are dam psyched on this vid & you should be too, it's a labour of love & untold infinite hours on the tools & dam she's sure Gorge'ous it's, even more motivation 4 us to continue loading wheel barrow's, continue slappin' tranny's & always day dreaming about the spring to come along with the feeling trails give us who know what up. So we'll just keep digging, even if it hurts we STILL dig, feel the pain & work thru it (an those who dig know that you always hurt more when it's cold!). So thanks to those who come an help out many hands make light work.

Right now the Gorge is looking nicely dialed, there's some gravity deifying clay sweating away, more dialing to come & more tarps 2 throw on, it's never ending & the trails are never ever finished (for the record trails can never be FINISHED? creativity & evolution are nocturnal & infinite, so why would you limit yourself?). A few things have changed & a few things have grown over the past 7 weeks & we've still got plenty to do but because were such awesome dirt moving/shoveling/slappin' beasts we've almost run outta dirt (let's just dig out the middles....some more)

.......OK 'nuff rant from me here's a bunch a pic's i took during the Gorge(ous) summer we just had, it only feels like yesterday, so it's at this time of the year we all agree dirts the new snow & BRING BACK SUMMER, yes it's now god dam FREEZZZZZING down here, anyone keen on sexy tall frosty dirty tranny's to lick?

FOX box speakers go good, latest trails fashion.....Thanks FOX...but how do they fit in ya ears?

yes it's the 3rd shot of a BBQ! Us Kiwi's & Ozzie's love a good Barbee who doesn't? Cheers to Manson & Irvine for the feed

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