Friday, July 15, 2011

the snow....

is here, right now.

i had a roll with my som Marley last weekend & he was loving it, hangin wit Dad is always a fun time!

The Gorge

Backbone boss hog Rhysty having a goodtime in his backyard on his 35th birthday jam, three clips from the man himself, Chris Harti & a train from Rhysty, Russell Brindley & Chris. Get rhythm while you can!

hell yeah this is rad as helmet cam footy collected on a trail tour through out France.
Tom takes you through some of the finest trails in france. Filmed in Paris, Bordeaux, Banos, and Toulouse. More rad footy @ VINYL BMX

Yeah Auzzie ripper Josh looks like he's got slayin' trails down & has done for a while since the Glenbrooke days! Rad

those wild boys at POW's alway's serve up the goods & kno how to have a loose time!

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