Saturday, August 27, 2011

bit a farm jam'in 2011.......

oh yeah get ya truckers trails heads cos their selling fast, get to POWS BMX after the jump man b4 ya miss out diggers! Big up's to Marcus for get'in 'em done, i just hope i don't miss out aye!

R.I.P. Aron Day's trails aka POW's Trails

Searlie kick'n his ass end way out there!

Langa Banga

Mr Dirtfarmer aka Satan lounging in style, as always.

Anthony in the deep south,
with all those dam cow's you'd hope the ice cream kicks ass too!

Bit a hot air up there, but does it help melt sno, NOPE!

Hell yeah Mikey looks like ya trails in Belgium are on man! Looking 4ward to catching up with ya in November dude when ya grace NZ with ya presence & no doubt you'll be up for some Gorge slayin' aye! Photo's stolen of filthy rotten facebook.

Marley's b4 & after shot, yup a few hours on his bike & my boy is sleeping on the floor? Yup i breed 'em tough.......

SOOOO DELUXE indeed ya can't beat WAX man, J Diggah aka me tearing up the wheels of steel, in 12's we trust!

sooon we'll be marching to the top of the Gorge an drop'in in...... I got to slip in my 1st ride of the season @ Lismore, the big lines semi alright apart for the lack of sweepin & hosing haha same 'ol lack of love for that place, she's a bit neglected these days, but still a little fun! Cheers to Big Chris & Monty, goodtimes lads we'll be back ova for more soon! I hope those work B's work for ya, good luck. All photo's by: J Diggah aka Jimmy

Hooooly shit, so rad to see Glenbrooke's got some trails running again, hit the link & enjoy the raddness after the jump! (Ahhh the bluies are fun) I remember Limey aka Josh Stead being this little skinny kid on a fresh of the shelf red specailized hit'n up the old trails in Glenbrooke back in dam it must have been 2002 0r 2003! Then the fire came an the trails got flattened to help put d fire out, from the ashies Limey started his own spot not far from the OG Glenbrooke trails & so is it the same spot or a new spot Josh? Dig on man!

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