Monday, August 1, 2011

french fried trails tripp'in

"a 3 weeks trails trip in France, We have not done all the trails because of bad weather"

god dam it's the August already, we has the year gone hahhaha? Enjoy this vid it's RAD! Jelle's edit say's it all, nice work dude! What more could you ask for, dope trails, local hospitality, good tunes & lazy days in the woods roastin thru some dam nice trails........... the weather, we all kno about how weather can sabotage ya plans! The thaw is on down here in QT... well it kind of felt springy today with hitting double digits in the degree/temp, just a few more frosts an no more snow, bring on the THAW! Then it's back to business as usual, dialing the Gorge for summer slayin'! Hell yeah bring it on!

Big ups to all the DIGGERS!



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