Monday, October 17, 2011

Spring is HERE! TRAILS IS.....

big up's go out to Camby 4 flick'in this rad edit thru of Robbo doin what we all love, hangin in the woods, dialing trails, enjoy'in d trails lifestylee & of course SLAYING 'EM TRAILS! So RAD! Also so big shout out to the Villij crew, Robbo, Frog (an the rest of ya loyal Villij diggers), Ian & Chris Radasfuckford, yup these 2 lucky buggers have been hang'in out at Villij some, i'll get there one day.....

Chris had this to say "All the Villij crew are super chilled i'm happy to say.
They always make you feel welcome. That time of the year now with the
weather becoming more autumnal by the day. If it holds out till the
end of the month then prob get a couple more sessions in at Villij
and i'll get some action snaps for ya. Didn't get too many snaps last
wk cuz i was so stoked on ridin for a change :)" psyched as 4 ya man, cheers for the pic's!

early sunny Dunedin

even Satan needs sleep! The wicked is always restless & work'in HARD!......respect!

right now the Gorge is looking so so soooooo dialed thanks to Satan's unrelenting whip cracking & motivational drive over us dirt loving diggers, with a little more rain over the nxt day or so she'll be even more Gorge'ous.

Gorge Road 2011 Open Day Jam.......early December! Poster & Date to come!

Thanks to everyone who has put some REAL effort in & helped make an impact with us @ The Gorge during the past winter, you kno who you r, pat yaself on the back, you r rad!

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