Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moustache & dubs...

mmmthese pic's are stolen off facebook, i'd have thought this spot would be kept on the DL, not the case tho.

so rad to see some fresh private dub's under construction, good shit B-rad, your a do'er not a talker like the rest of 'em, big ups to ya! Gona have to come visit ya soon, tools in tow!

Hell yeah, chekusloovarkeyian, no no no checkasslava no no checkyaownassagain arh no no that north west european country home of MOUSTACHE's Jakob is hard to spell (spell check oh right) Dam dude ya vids looking legit, just like ya turndown's your a bad ass! I't was rad riding & hangin @ the Gorge last with ya season dude just watching you "Jakob's" ride was a treat, so full of euro style for miles! Anyway b4 i go of on some manic tangent rant here's what Jakob 1 (where is Jakob 2? E.T. nollie, yeah man) has got to say & don't ya just love a euro's use of the english language hahaha it's almost as my english god i kno my speelling sux!

Right o, back to Jakob "Trailer for upcoming video from New Zealand. Two and then three friend did a travel all around south and north island, plus one week at OZ (Gold Coast)"....stay tunes diggers!

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