Friday, September 30, 2011

bring it on.....

ahhh the weather is warming, daylight savings is here, summer is coming & so is................

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow season, well maybe b 4 christmas.

snow is nearly gone, all the ski fields are shut'in it down this weekend ha ha ha the lack of sno season is OVER! It's gona rain on Sunday yeeeeeeow!





as always plenty wanna kno when they can play & slay some clay! Some understand just how it is & then there are those that just don't get it aye. Yes a dam tru trails fact "you always dig more than u ride". Many hands make light work hint hint. Big up's go out to Jems @ Compression 4 sending us a couple of fenchies.Toine & Carleto turn't up 3 days ago an were on the tools helping us out with spring dub dialing, why is it always the out of towner's that want to help out, were r the so called locals? Humble, honest not out 4 fame diggers are 1 in a million i.e. "were a very rare breed" us loyal passionate lovers of trails. Same story all over the world? Who'd agree out there? No doubt a vast majority of the diggers behind any trails scene would!

NO DIG=NO RIDE @ private spots, fair call

NO DIG = A RIGHT TO BE HECKLED @ public spots HA!

you gotta check out The last People

Monty driftin' to d left some on a line that don't work no more, gona miss that transfer.

wait for it, yup it's not far off! The days of yeeeoow'in & hoot'in ya buddies on as they slay clay!

check out the drunk dude man HA! Everyone's into cool'in down at the trails, let's dig up the Oasis, make it deeper, add a diving board & for sure some idiot might axe themselves! I think i'll stick to the lake on the hot days, not a god dam pathogen festering dirty rotton puddle.

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