Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fuck yeah!

this vid is rad as, dudes are slaying it!
spring is in the air way down here in NZ, oh yes the Gorge'ous will be on line soon come!
Right now tho the Gorge is CLOSED! But were still playing with the red & golden clay Skyline/Ben Lomond has to offer, digs up on digs man yeeeeow!

heavy metal jam man on Vancouver Island, yup that little rock has a few sets a trails..aye Ben, you big red beast you haha nice to see ya trails finally!

lastly here's what up in Brazil amigo's, red & dirty yeeeeeeeow!

now get out there & get ya trails dialed for the season ahead diggers, motivation aplenty me hearties, arrrrhhhhhhh! Dig it, stack it & roast it........

u kno u all ways dig more than u ride

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