Friday, September 16, 2011

springs in d air down here!

yup as always Catty woods serves up the treats! Yeeeeeeeeooooooow!
Ahhhh P.A!

So on a local tip, finally the weather way down under is on the turn! So you know what that means you dirty (local) diggers out there, yup time 2 start thinking about getting the Gorge up & running for slaying season...... it's not far away, slaying trails season that is, so if ya really switched on you'll be keeping an eye on us diggers down at the Gorge, don't be afraid of a little hard work you slackers out there, it's the best way to earn a little respect with the loyal flat head crew ie us diggers! C ya @ the Gorge if you give a shit........if not expect a little heckling if ya turn up bitching, we have no time 4 slackers, so get wit it man!

Bring on the rad days of summer, yeeeeeooooooow!


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