Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brewster Glacier mission

Big Chris dwarfted by the start of Brewster's waterfall.

Lowell "Diggity" & a big chunk of Ice.

Mt. Top Heavy & Brewster waterfall from Brewster hut.

Went on a mish with Chris, Ben, Pat & Lowell up Mt. Brewster a couple days ago, we also mished beyond Brewster hut up to Brewster Glacier, just awesome! On our way back down to the valley floor our knees were scream'in in pain with our legs that felt like jelly....well worth it tho! Big ups go out to Chris for driving! Don't forget the REDBULL ROAST IT is nearly upon the line up of slayers who are coming to roast the Gorge is looking dope as!

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