Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gorge Jam 5th March 2011

the Diggity dig'n'diggity digginest LOL!
what a bang'in night this is gona be! The soul brothers of hip-hop DE LA SOUL are back again & again, yup i'd go get a ticket if i was you! I've seen 'em once b4 in Sydney an it was a treat!

Homelands is going down on the 5th March, yup same day as the Gorge jam, mmmm tricky

2011 GORGE ROAD JAM, 5TH MARCH, $10 ENTRY, 3PM ROAST'N BEGINS! So don't be shy man & get ya dirty rotten dirt loving ass's down to the Gorge to either roast the day away some or just watch the locals & a few imports shred the best god dam public jump park/trails in the Southern hemisphere! Proudly supported by DELUXE BMX & BACKBONE BMX!

Lowell diggity man! Has run outa DIRT no no nooooooooooooooooooo!
pheeeeeew we just got more dirt

a Lowell'diggity'sqence

the jesus christ pose?
Lowell's sold out? What about red bull man, you kno wings n shit dude!

A beauty big "GET WELL, SO YA CAN ROAST SOME MORE WITH US SOON" goes out to J-Rod aka Dingo, heal up dude! An get that moto rolling yeeeeeow ti ting tinnng ting yeeeooooooooooooooooooowwwww!

Jakub 1

new line

Jakub'sqence over Dingo

The Gorge Road Jam 2011 is going down on the 5th March, 3pm roast off, $10 entry with all $$$ going straight back into the trails! There's gona be a bunch a loot to dish out to the shredders from DELUXE BMX, BACKBONE BMX & a bunch a MTB loot also. So that's the weekend after the Unit Farm Jam 2011 26th Feb so stick around & come shred'n'roast up some of the finest dubs in NZ on ya BMX/MTB yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Fuck yeah! Dig trails & live it up..........ya gotta live b4 ya die! See all you trail slaying beasts soon!

all rad pic's taken by Chris Radasfuckford, cheers dude we all love ya work man, keep on shoot'in us all BIG UPS!

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