Friday, February 11, 2011

gorge'ous summer daze 2011

whoa there ya go then, updated, the 1st for 2011, well it´s been a while since i updated things here i rekon, as you can see from the pic´s, mostly Radford´s stalkin, a few by the Jakob´s & a a few by Jimmy. Yup the Gorge is on & were all having a blast! I´ll let the pic´s do the talking aye! Thanks heaps to all the gorge locals .Enjoy! DIG TRAILS & enjoy LIFE!
flyer soon come.


Posted by me!! said...

finally guys !!!!where were you?!!! axa you are doing great job there!!!
keep riding
greetings from greece!!!!

Ollie, Hunter said...

Yewww James looking sickk.. Cant wait for the gorge jam!!!! Just got to get out of this stupid Cast.... Going to besick riding it on a fresh bike setup.. Dig Ride And ROAST!!!

TRUBMX said...

we have i been...... at the Gorge mang were else hahahha roast'in & having a sweet time enjoy'in the trails as ya do during summer! Are there trails in Greece?

big ups to the loyal diggin crew at the Gorge, fuck i love diggin & roast'in with you dudes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooow!


john blaze said...


john blaze said...