Monday, February 28, 2011

Oz BMX Games 2011

The BMX Games just went down over the weekend in OZ! JC & the Backbone boys sure built a sweet selection a trannys for them to slay, i just love the RED MARS dirt they've got in Canberra yeeeeeeeooow! Mean while in NZ's deep dirty south the 2011 Farm Jam/UNIT Farm Jam went down an dam what a rad time it was stunts & tomfoolery on MOTO's, BMX's, MTB's plus plenty a southern mullets, girls & sweet sunny weather made for one hell of a goodtime! The heckling was a blast hhahahhaa! Big ups to the FREWLAGINS Chris, Dan & Brett Frew for all there hard work down on the farm! Not to mention there would be no farm jam with out all you dirt loving BIKERS out there, thanks for the stunt fest boys, RESPECT!

An a even bigger badder BIG UPS & GET WELL goes out to Allan after front flipping to his face on the big line & to Phil after his front end blew apart sending Phil to his face/head also. So glad to hear you to boys are all good & on the mend! I'll wack a bunch a pic's from the Farm Jam up soon until then here's some footy from last years farm jam!

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