Tuesday, November 8, 2011

dirt sets in the east....

it's it's it's a berm well over your head.
Satan's work.

i know it's a bit late, happy helloweed all! Well heeelllloooo pothead lady.....um well CENSORED LADY is my fav tho or is it pothead lady..... censored..... pothead...ladies? just check out that wasted youth

More footy from Jems & Stephane's trip to the dirty east coast. "Here's a Gopro edit made by my house/travelmate Stephane Lafitte from our recent trip to Pensylvania (via NYC).
i hope you like it!

.....we rise for dirt in the south

this vid's for you Lowell Diggity Dawg!...let the goodtimes roll, here it comes!

hooooolllly Marley is little they sure grow fast, he's now go'in on 7, time for a 20 i think!

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