Monday, November 7, 2011

trails TV yeeeeeeeeow!

holy shit what is the weather upto hahha! Any way Jems from Compression sent me this vid! Check it out!

here's what Jems has to say "hey hey
here's a short edit filmed at Hazelwood trails in Pennsylvania during a fall session.
Arkus, Douggy, Doyle, Wert, Popple, Potoczny & Louie are killing it and Yeagle is digging!!
hope you'll like it.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Dam legit man!

so watch the original vid 1st then this below! If you like the Beastie Boys and you are as old as me to remember when "Fight for our right 2 Party" came out on record & cassette, shut up i own the 12", 7" & "Licensed to Ill" alll on vinyl ie wax, black gold may kno them as records.......round black plastic disc with grooves you put on a record player.....big round metal disc's that rotates 360 degress @ 33.3 0r 45 rpm with tone arm & needle, you plug into mixer to cut shit up! Im off on a musical tangent haha! Anyway watch the vid below if ya ain't sent it all ready, fuckin dope & the ending is a little insane! Enjoy

finally here's somethang else! Cheers to that gentle giant Chris Radasfuckford, don't piss him off or he'll squash ya like an ant.....maybe, i wouldn't try an find out aye!

mmmmm that skinny shitty food eating stylie kid from TX....whoaps i mean't Austin, just watch if ya havn't seen it! a mocking US accent or is it canadimercan shit i can never tell haha "oh my god oh my god is she fucking crazy" lucky to be alive...go on have another beer or 3 dozen HA! RANDOM

nuff of that! MORE TRAILS...ok fine

Last week the UK DC BMX team took a trip to Eastern Pennsylvania. Here's a GoPro clip Leo Forte filmed on the westside line at the infamous Catty Woods.

i had to put this up again cos slay'in season ain't toooo far off for you slackers out their, sorry i meant the public! The Gorge is looking god dam beautiful big ups to Satan aka Nath the driving force of evil behind the Gorge, Lowell dam Diggity to legit to quit and to the ever van squatting dam loyal trails diggin gypsies i ever meet Antoine & Carletoe aka the Frenchies r living the kiwi trails life @ D Gorge'ous, you all kick ass! Oh yeah the Gorge has changed some over winter!

The 4th season feel the force of evil @


see you kiwi shredders soon!

A BIG GET WELL LANGA BANGA, OUCH MAN, i kno how that shit feels, try giving yaself a man'gina like i did 4 yrs ago, with slam 's penetrating well deep into ya groin & breaking ya pelvis, yes i had bar ends...Thanks again to Sion Rodgers & Greg Barnes for saving my ass.......the nitrous oxide & chopper ride was rad doped up on pethidine or was it morphine?

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