Wednesday, November 30, 2011

trails season is upon us!

just in case you missed this the 1st time, here's the poster poster yet, fuck'in rad & seething with evilness! Come along an you will burn in hell, we love Satan & you can to.....bring a good lawyer just in case you case some! Sorry not funny but who cares it;s TRAILS SEASON yeeeeeoww! Poster by Chris Radford

ALV Trails some where in lush UK woods, pic's by Chris Radford who just happens to have had his 1st roll @ the Gorge this evening....yup were all just a little rusty after 6months of no riding trails & plenty of digging, the jet lagged out sleepy trails session @ Gorge was survived by all ha!

ALV Trails Ian Armstrong will be winging his way back down under for some goodtimes with us Gorge lads soon, stack that cash bro, the trails will be waiting no sorry SCREAM'IN

I told ya the keepler track is a wet one! Antione's conclusion "If it wasn't for the whiskey we would have died, we were so wet & very frezzing, it was worth it". Good 'ol bush survival with a french twist! I rekon you just love ya whisky! Who doesn't?

how to hide ya van & freedom camp in NZ "van is ler camouflage, non freedom camper? Where?
(spot the whiskey ler bottle is full)

I got a say when french boys hang at trails they sure make 'em home & work there asses off! So a MASSIVE THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP AT THE GORGE goes out to our rad French brothers Antione (above) & Carlito for being awesome & contributing to our much loved Gorge! We're missing the fresh bread, ler language barrier, Carlito's drumming & just hang'in out @ night by the fire with whiskey & staring into the trails under the star light, bliss man!

French connection Jems @ COMPRESSION BMX just sent this thru & it's a treat! When is a dog a pumpkin? When @ Catty Thanks bro! Here's what Jems has to say
"hey mates here's a short video put together with the few footage Stephane Lafitte and myself got from the Catty jam weekend at both the trails around .I still can't thank enough those guys who welcomed us so nicely!!hope you'll like the video!"

don't 4get this sat 3rd december it's a ride in the trails jam @ The Gorge, Satan an his evil spawn of BMX'ers have been making sure she's running good & 3pm this sunday is your chance if that other dude in the sky keeps the rain away, but hey what r trails with out water......a pile of dust!

Satan's lax packing & rolling paid off, this fresh virginal lip on the new line got it's hymen ripped apart. It's always entertaining being the test pilot, but i love that shit...cos ya just don't kno what to expect, will she bit or treat you right.

these pic's were stolen of BLAZE A TRAIL so very blatantly, cheers Cam cos i'm to dam lazy to take any photo's, yes Dingo it has begun.....make sure ya come an visit you auzzie rippa!

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