Sunday, May 1, 2011

mess'in with Texas

dam this looks good, keep an eye out for the finished goods coming soon...

for some stupid reason i can't post the teaser to VANS - mess'in with Texas so hit this link & enjoy!

On the NZ front Zombie BMX has a this sweet read all about Paul "Langa Bangaz" Langlands top 5's!Paul kicks ass an we wish him luck with the rest of the year & with ya bigger bader jumps dude, we'll see ya back at the Gorge next trails slayin season! Happy diggin yo! BOOM!

sorry folks this has to be the lamest post ever, cos there ain't a single rad pic dam it!

with that said an done winters grip is so so almost on top of us......only days left possibly to roast the make the most of every secound ya have when it comes to roasting up trails, down way under! GORGE RD........more rad pic's one day soon!


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