Wednesday, May 11, 2011

spring vs autumn?

Part 1 of the Austin Trip Video. Trails section.
Riders: Will Blount, Mike Molineri, Jeremy Ball, Clint Reynolds,Matty Aquizap, Eric Jensen, Dan Oakaby, Darryl Nau, and Tom Dugan

god dam Eastside & 9th Street look like a goodtime, big 'ol lefty hips, what a sweet vid man & over in the land of Frog there roast'in it up as always Deluxe serves up the goods, imagine Deluxe frames with the shield embossed on the head tube, mmm mmmm!

here's some rad footy Robbo put together for our viewing pleasure while he was in PA, the mother land, big ups to all the diggers out there globally! Revenantsofthem is always a good read, if you don't already.

Chris janis,Chase hawk,Abe,Brain yeagle,Treeball,Kyle keck,Mikey parisi,Tmac,Tony cardona,Tom cambridge,Flash,Brain foster,Matty aquizap,Jay lonegan,Mike aitken,Josh joker,Mark mulville,Punjab,Ekim king,Dave king,Brain barhart
SongWavves - mickey mouse

So it's spring time up north an trails are getting lovingly beatin back into shape for another season a slaying, it's getting to the time of the year here in New Zealand, when the northern hemisphere's trails keep us motivated, which helps with surviving winter, rough. Here in QT it's mid autumn, sunny'ish & the southerly wind is fucking cold. The end of another season has been looming over us all for the past month, dreadfully that time has come, the sound of tryes wizzing, buzzing, purring & whining up lips has become a distant shadow of a echo.

The Gorge is tooo wet, chained up, the sun's rays are gone along with the leaves of summer, shortly the tarps will go on & only more good memories will remain to keep company the trails thru hibernation, yup it's all over for another season. Isn't it so amazing how good the rides are so late in the season, the whole time while floating thru the air you think "i love this feeling" or "this could be the last run i have" as darkness falls, this is the last of the last.

We'll be forming a "get thru winter with no roasting" support group, no it's already formed ha ha! We all still remember our last roll's thru, what ever line we chose. What a feeling & what a awesome season it's been, so a massive thanks goes out to the whole Gorge crew & to all the rad riders who came thru over summer, you kno who you are, we'll be seeing ya again sometime thru the next slayin season.

So whether your heading into a new trails season or it's over like it is down here at the Gorge, stay focused, maintain & dig n ride trails(some how).............inspirational food for thought!

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