Friday, May 27, 2011

no winter yet, it'll come...

"someone's been eating their carots"
guess who an win a prize....

now i don't no about you but this is something i've been wanting to do for a while now but just never get around to put'n a speedo on my dam ride (no not a budgie smuggler speedo's fools), the boys at TRAILS4LIFE are sure having fun, my new fav site! (i'm a trails site whore mind you, who isn't) an the vid below goes to show how much fun these boys are having, yup i'm jealous, but i guess we all have to deal with shitty weather one way or another, trails are so seasonal & inspirational. I love the name, it say's it all "trails for life" fuck yeah!

trails heads come & trails heads go, one big liteul family!........we'll be seeing ya!

the new SOUL is out....or on it's way! Hell yeah Ben it's all about the nose dive, yeeeeeeeow!
i know ya got soul!

"you can make anything you want out of dirt"
......the rant of a digger @ d Gorge.

well it's less than a month till the middle of winter & you kno what that means yup the days get longer, an spring bekons. Mother nature sure has been hella nasty to NZ lately with gnarly earthquake's, tornado's & flooding the list goes on but were's winter, who really cares the longer the dreaded cold stays away the better & with it comes the likely hood of more chances of mid winter roast'in! Mother nature hasn't unleashed her full winter fury yet down here, but no doubt she will & it'll suck, old injuries will ache, digg'in will get done & we might even dream a roast'in, i kno i do! So what's the best way to start the day mm mmm i kno checking DELUXE out 'cos Mark & his team always serve up the dirty goods......TRAILS they feel dam rad to ride, ya hang'in with ya mates having a goodtime, why else would we dig? (an ride).

ps here's some naughty R18 footy, don't crack a woody now!
TRAILS TV is back haha just for you Dingo! Loads & loads of old & new footy from the world full a trails, it's motivational & inspiration so kick back & enjoy! Thanks to everyone out there for the foooty!

so stay warm, light fires & dig trails with ya mates (this to keeps ya warm ha!)
life is a journey to be enjoyed & lived!
...i'm sure Frog would agree.

Dean fuck'in rules it big time! One of the styliest riders i've seen ride the Gorge ever, an a bunch a loyal hard working local gorge digging beasts will agree! Bring ya tatoo gun next time ya here Dean, ink us up man!


On January 15, 2011 Brian Yeagle took a really hard slam to his head while in Las Vegas on a Verde filming trip. He sustained a fractured skull and minor bleeding in his brain. Brian is in stable condition, perfectly coherent and in good spirits . Everyone please keep Yeagle in your thoughts and wish him good luck for a speedy recovery. More soon...

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fungus said...

The moon jumper.... It's Elliot from ET bro... 2 easy.. So what do i win???