Sunday, May 22, 2011

winter's not really here yet!

Lowell & Big Chris not roastin d Gorge but posing up a mountain above the Gorge.....

Big Chris Radford's not bad with a camera aye! Lowell gettin it done as all ways ha!

a big fair well goes out to Jarod "Dingo", he's the dude holding the hight pole while Jakod boost's some. How's it feel to be surrounded by Auzzie's again dude? We all gonna miss ya around here man! Good luck with ya new trails.....happy stackin dude!

Holy shit Sion got to tear up T1, yeeeeeooow! You kno how to get around ya bloody taffy beast!

Lowell t-dwn in the darkness @ D Gorge

yo nice pic Wittner, Emerson dumps it some, it's all about nose'in it

not to much to say but "DIG TRAILS MAN! & it's all about the nose dive YO!
The sun is's like summer again yeeeeeeeow! You kno what that means don't you.......
'lil roast here lil roast there, little roast is nice & fair, so get some AIR!

sweet lil bit a footy from Greeley trails in Colorado, Enjoy!

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