Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Cover! Music is my life, music is my this journey called life music is always there for ya no matter ya mood! BOOM!

survival of the phatest, RY book left & RY mag right
Aotearoa dirt junky Paul Langlands with his trails steeze.

stock up & pump that shit up......hit the CRUMP zone!

Dan Cambell with a huge fliped out stunt'in transfer, over some dude as he freaks the fuck out "WHOAAAAA, WTF!!!!!!

fav pic of the RY book, Warren Bowers carving up wave rock, an the words about this trip are sweet!

so with the Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton coming up next weekend sat 20th March here in wanaka ..duh OB V aye. Loots been turning up to give away an fresh of the press is the 1st massive 200 page plus REBELYELL book & it's soo dam good to see a mag/book really showing how it is ie the BMX'in gypsy lifestlye we all kinda live, awesome lush crisp lay out, insane pics as always by Chris Pollack & loads a always entertaining words by Greg Barnes, the topic with this issue is MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! Nuff said get ya hands on a copy! Backbone's will have it soon, an hwo stocks RY in NZ? i'll find go shred!

RY's assistant editor/writer Greg Barnes got interviewed, cheers for the shout out, music music music not a day goes by with out it .... an if this is your room dude how the hell can you sleep, a linguistically insane nightmare!

big ups to The Anchor & Leigh for his help with the THWS 2010, yup we got cows a plenty in NZ