Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kink NZ trippin & have ya got 3-D specs?

when ya from a land trails ya got that steeze, Doyle t-bog'in timaz skank.

Doyle, tabo, QT Bowl, Gnarly pool coping & over vert as fuck!

KC tagged up Ollie's phone?

KC x-up'in the shit out the Gorge

Jay, Doyle, Sexton,KC & Tacco chill'in in wanaka

my old skool ass & fresh tags on ten year old threads! Jay Roe wanted this piece a kink history, sorry dude it's a keeper.......maybe

yup catty in 3-D, mad as glad i had some in the kids toy box, so cool, shit is this the future of video technology? who knows it's rad anway! The sesh tonight at the Gorge with the Kink/EDH oad trip'in team & the locals was sooooooo rad, yup Doyle got hella 3 inverted a few times & whip'd a dam huge transfer along with the rest, Badger was also killl'in it, an Hamlin had some dam dialed dumped as tweaked out 3 lookbacks going on & Sexton well he gotta good taste a wanaka outa me! Sharing is caring right, just another roast'in goodtime at the Gorge!

Foooty yup, i'd imagine Travis will have some dope pics up on EDH sometime soon so keep checking 'em out! Walter no doubt will get some dope pics in some us mag on a KINK NZ trip sometime, Tacco was film'in loads so keep an eye out for NZ footy of 'em all. Don't forget the Gorge Road Dirt Jam this Sat 13th March 2pm roast off! The Kink team hung in wanaka some wed night signed some stuff at Outside Sports (the only local wanaka bike shop doing BMX good) & roasted the skank park up, Badger & Doyle were sending it, i can't wait to see Dolye standing on the mountains 8 foot above the big bowl while tailwhip'ing the shit out it! Hung an yarned some with Sexton when he wasn't toe jam'in the big 1/4 super dumped like, nice dude irie as haha! Enjoy Ozzie fellaz, happy travels to ya all! Check Robbie Brown's site out, it not a trail site tho, DUDE why not! HA! for more on the NZ Kink/EDH Roady!

brian yeagle, chris doyle, punjab, todd walkowiak & more ...another classic bmx cut from the past mang enjoy!


scott i said...

that top vid is sweet jimmy,i had 3d glasses from the movies last night but they didnt work,im thinkin i need those red n blue ones??keep it deep

Bring the oven lets roast!!

TRUBMX said...

Yeah Scott, red blue is the ticket! Gas or fan baked...always baked & never beatin.........


scott said...

ah man ill have ta try get some 3ds wer its at,a freakin bird just bout flew in my mouth at the movies haha it was rad!!!good luck with tha jam man hope it all goes well