Tuesday, March 30, 2010

trail slaying

Searlie's fly'n scorpion impersonation or stretched as superman?


John or Kane?........


tobog's are so fun & this dude ??? know's it!

Searlie ruled the farm jam "king a style"

3 tabo by the Bastard, Seb thinks...... while Searlie catches fly's with his mouth, check out Natural BMX for rad pic's a Searlie's kick out's which kick ass!

a few pics from the 2010 Farm Jam that went down a few weeks ago in Brett & Dan Frew's yard down in Winton! Their yard a digs is really getting rad with 3 nice lines to hit up, no doubt they'll be looking at dialing it in so ya can transfer from line to line this winter, now that would be awesome! Not to mention the massive freestyle moto set up that Dan kills! Cheers for the pic's Greig, maybe i'll get my ass along next year! I can't name all the riders but Kane & Searlie, if ya kno their steeze ya can spot'em!

Bamboo mang, yup Matt Hoffman's latest creations, great for water jumping & flooring too?

Mad Matt is a legend, always pushing new technologies & himself! Bones heals, chicks dig scar's & glory's for eva! check Hoffman Bikes for more aggroman madness

it's log, log, it's better than bad it's good, everyone wants a log!

an here's a few dope vids to get ya psyched on getting into the woods this winter or to just go ride, like you need to be psyched? Right now it's spring in the motherland a trails an no doubt we'll be seeing some beautiful trail slaying sessions soon! Time to book a flight north soon! On a local tip there's gona be a trail jam in Blenheim soon so keep checking SFA were fuck all gets done for a sweet fuck all poster! So we'll be a roady'in from Wanaka to Bleheim for it via the West Coast, Reefton skank park & some natural hot springs, 3 seats left, 1st in 1st served!

God dam it's easter soon yup the end a daylight savings is coming again, which sucks, soooo here's something to make ya SMILE! Isn't it fun making the perfect flathead, everyone's doing it these days dialing in & customizing their fav stacking, slapping, scraping shaping tool hahha! Pic's soon! An if ya like dubstep you need this dope mix by 6Blocc......."you can here my bass for 6 blocks in L.A." - 6 Blocc.

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seb kemp said...

pretty damn sure the one leg one hander is John and not Kane. The dipped 3 tabo is Brian the Bastard, the dude that frontflipped the flat wood drop to win best trick.